Why You Can Obtain Affordable SEO Results With Through The Ranks…

As a small business myself I do not have the overheads, lease costs, advertising costs etc that the larger SEO businesses have. In fact I have a home based office – no rent!

I understand small to medium sized businesses and the SEO that is best undertaken for growing businesses to rank.

I specialise in SEO services for both small and medium sized businesses, thus I know the quickest way to get SEO success for your business.  I am set up with the information and tools that are needed having done it for other local businesses already.

I have the processes streamlined thus can do the work faster than SEO businesses which work for a variety of large and small businesses (which saves you money).

Affordable SEO Results – Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Quite simply I understand that small to medium sized businesses do not have the marketing dollars to spend that large corporations do.

My passion is to ensure that businesses in the small to medium sized category grow.  Yes, I wish to earn my keep – but I don’t charge more than my services are worth.  As I don’t have much in the way of overheads I can afford to charge at a lower rate whilst still providing an excellent service.

When you are paying for my services, every dollar goes into time spent on making your website rank.  It doesn’t go on support staff, office rents or other business expenses, it goes towards your website and towards making your business revenue increase.  By engaging my service you will obtain affordable SEO results from a small to medium sized business SEO consultant.

To get an idea of my current rates are, please visit my Prices Page on this website.

I am always willing to have a chat with small and medium sized business owners who realise the importance of SEO but are struggling within a budget…phone me (Karen) on 0411 403 511 and we can work together to find a way to achieve your goals within your budget.

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