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I (Karen Thorogood) am an independent SEO Consultant locally based in Brisbane.  So if you are looking for a local Brisbane SEO Consultant please have a look at the reviews written by my Brisbane based clients and at the successful case studies which show the ranking and traffic improvements these local Brisbane businesses have obtained through Local SEO tasks and techniques.

Local SEO Specialist

You may or may not know that local SEO is in fact a particular segment of SEO that requires specific SEO work to help rank local businesses.   I a both a local Brisbane SEO Consultant, and I am also specialised in local SEO.  As a specialist in local SEO I am highly effective in providing the right techniques for local businesses.

Although I am a SEO Consultant in Brisbane this does not mean that my clients businesses have to be based in Brisbane (or my clients) as I can provide local SEO services for local businesses in any English speaking countries.  To date my clients have in fact all been Brisbane based and I appreciate that I can meet them in person and that communication is easy.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a particular niche of SEO which comprises of the specific SEO techniques and skills to ensure that a local businesses through the ranks of Google.

So what is a local business?  For the purposes of local SEO a local business is any business that services a specific geographic area, such as a city like Brisbane, or a number of suburbs or town(s).  Examples of local businesses are:-

  • Local service businesses, such as trades or professions – plumber, tree lopping, electrician or doctor, lawyer, architect
  • Local brick and mortar business such as retail shops, gyms, restaurants

Why Choose a Local SEO Consultant in Brisbane?

If you have searched ‘local SEO Brisbane’ it is may be because your business is based in Brisbane and you want to engage an SEO Consultant that you can meet and regularly communicate with and is experienced in local Brisbane SEO – and that you know is trustworthy.  If any of the reasons above are applicable then you will find that the SEO services that I provide are exactly what you are searching for.

Unlike many dodgy overseas SEO Consultants I do not over promise, all I do is ask you to read the testimonials from my clients and the case studies and blogs that I have written, these demonstrate my effectiveness as an local SEO Consultant.

A further advantage of choosing me as your local SEO Consultant is that I specialise in local SEO.  Thus whilst the larger Brisbane SEO businesses provide SEO for all manner of industries and businesses, by focusing on a particular niche I am extremely knowledgeable about how to ensure that local businesses rank by using local SEO techniques.  SEO is continually evolving, responding to changes made by Google.  As I am a specialist I can keep up-to-date with the latest techniques required for local SEO.  Trying to keep up with all the changes for all the different types of businesses is mind boggling!

How Effective is Local SEO?

Local SEO can be highly effective, in fact with local SEO, a small to medium business can outrank a large national or internal business.  Google’s aim is to provide people with the information that they are seeking.  Thus if they are seeking for a business or service based in Brisbane, Google is more likely to rank that business than the larger national business.

How successful your business website would rank with effective local SEO depends upon a number of factors including:-

  • most importantly the internet competition for your specific business
  • the size of the market that you serve
  • the effectiveness, dedication and knowledge of your SEO Consultant
  • your website in terms of converting customers, loading speed and mobile responsiveness

Purpose of Local SEO

The purpose of local SEO is to attract as many as possible potential clients/customers to your website (hence your business) within the local area that you serve.  Often for a local business there are one to three major search terms that people use when looking for a local business.  These search terms therefore provide the highest search volumes and once achieved (ie number one on the 1st page of Google) this will bring in the majority of the business within your local area.

However whilst being number one is ideal, your website can still drive a significant amount of business to you ranking in the second and third positions.  In some industries raning on the 1st page of Google is sufficient to bring in a very noticeable increase in business leads (and hence revenue).

It is also important to realise that with me as your local SEO consultant I will not only be trying to achieve these large volume search terms, I will also be trying to rank you for any other search terms (they will have smaller search volumes) that will send business your way.

I often track and optimise websites for one to two hundred keywords thus ensuring that maximum business leads are achieved by your website.  Smaller search terms are usually easier to rank for, thus in the beginning local SEO will start to generate a small increase in website traffic, that will over time increase and increase.

Local SEO Brisbane – Local Brisbane SEO Consultant

If you are considering engaging a local Brisbane SEO Consultant, please give me a call (0411 403 511) as I would love to hear about your business and what you would like to achieve.  I will also then if you wish spend some time looking at your website and your internet competition and provide you with some free advice.

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