Successful SEO Case Studies

Successful SEO Case Studies with Through The Ranks

I have had the pleasure of achieving some excellent rankings and revenue increases for the clients below.  SEO can indeed sometimes be magic and successful SEO can change a business from floundering to booming.  For each of the successful SEO Case Studies below I have used the same white hat SEO techniques and tasks.  Some website rank far more quickly than others even with the same techniques used.

These are actual successful SEO Case Studies and you can see the reviews provided by these clients on my website.  If asked I am sure these clients would be more than happy to discuss with you the experience that they have had working with me to achieve these fantastic results.


Case Study One

From zero to Position 1, Page 1 in Google
Huge increase in revenue
4 Years later still Position 1, read more


Cast Study Two

From zero to Position 1, Page 1 in Google
Huge increase in revenue
Held, then small decline as SEO halted, read more


Cast Study Three

From zero to rapid business growth though website leads
Fast results for niche business, read more


Cast Study Four

SEO in a tough local market
Impact on traffic with decline in SEO, read more


Cast Study Five

SEO for a tough local market
Impact on rankings with decline in SEO, read more


Actual Successful SEO Case Studies

If you are seeking an effective and successful SEO Consulting it can be daunting to sift through all the different SEO companies, particularly as most promise 1st page of Google.  Whilst many promise they do not provide any substantiation to these promises.  Thus the easy way to find a successful SEO Consultant is to check if they have published actual successful SEO case studies.  I hope after having perused the case studies above you are now confident that I have demonstrated my abilities and the resultant revenue growth that my clients have obtained.

If you would like to take to me about your business, your business goals and the likely impact of SEO for business growth, please contact me by email at or phone 0411 403 511.

successful seo case studies