Niche Service SEO Case Study

Business: Hope Tutoring


Justin Clark of Hope Tutoring is a qualified and experienced Primary and Secondary school teacher in Brisbane.  Justin’s particular interest and expertise is in the area of helping children with learning difficulties on a one-on-one basis, rather than a class of school children.  In order to pursue this area, Justin began tutoring with very little online presence so together we worked with a web developer to obtain a simple but attractive WordPress website for his tutoring business.

Successful SEO Results

Justin’s business was a little different to most businesses in terms of SEO.  In his case, whilst he was providing tutoring for learning difficulties (his Home Page optimisation) the real pages that needed to rank were the different areas of learning difficulties.  This is because these were the terms that people use to search for his services.  Thus ranking the internal pages for tutoring of dyslexia, autism, aspergers, dysgraphia etc were of a higher priority than the ranking of the Home Page.

The same techniques and tasks are required for ranking internal as well as the Home Page.  However, whilst it is normally harder to rank internal pages, for Hope Tutoring I did not expect that ranking would be too hard to achieve as Hope Tutoring was providing a service that few others were.  Basically Hope Tutoring was providing a number of niche services and the SEO focus was on these services.

Also, in contrast to most businesses there was no particular dominance of major keywords for Hope Tutoring.  Thus the internal pages all needed to rank for a large number of long tail keywords each of which had only a small search volume.

Lead Generation

In fact what occurred was that Justin received emails through his website much, much earlier than anticipated which turned into a substantial increase in students and hence revenue from tutoring.  As for all clients I dedicated a large amount of work within the first few months but did not anticipate a quantifiable difference to his business until a much later date.

The success of Hope Tutoring relied on several factors; Hope Tutoring is servicing a niche largely untapped market and the business did not require a huge amount of business leads in order to generate a substantial difference in revenue.  The total opposite would be an online store selling say t-shirts with a very low profit margin.  I would also like to take some credit in that the SEO done targeted exactly the right areas, without which it would have been almost impossible for people to find his website.  Also, the content on the website written by both Justin and myself spoke directly to those seeking his services.  As a result, the conversion rate was exceptionally high.

The graph below is drawn from data obtained from Google Analytics and shows the immediate and continuing growth of visitors to the Hope Tutoring website.niche service seo case study