Keyword Research
seo services keyword research

Skilled careful keyword research is vital to achieving a significant growth in visitors to your website. We need to determine what are the major keyword phrases that your customers are using when searching for your services online. I will need your input in order to do successful keyword research for you. I need to know from you about your business. About the products and/or services you offer. I also need to know any areas or particular markets of specialisation or that you specifically wish to target. Armed with this information I will provide you with a list of keywords that I have identified to be the ones most likely to generate increased business once your website has been optimised and ranks for these terms.

Natural Link Building
seo services natural link building

Having high quality (PR) links to your website is a vital SEO tool. Not only do the links need to be high quality they also need to be relevant to your business and the geographical area that you serve. I have over time developed a list of business and industry links which I would list your website on. Having a link from an industry body in your field or profession is also very valuable and we can explore this opportunity if you don’t currently belong to any business associations or membership bodies. Social media also plays an important role in SEO.

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Onsite Optimisation
seo services onsite optimisation

There are many different factors that make up Onsite SEO. One of the most important is content writing. Other factors include the structure of your article, using SEO Titles, meta tags, optimising images etc. There are also guidelines regarding paragraph and page length for website pages and blogs. Each page and blog needs to be optimised to a particular selected keyword. Internal linking of pages and blogs is also important.

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Traffic and Revenue Growth
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Obviously the higher your page ranks in Google (and other search engines) the greater the traffic your website will obtain. SEO takes time but it is effective and could end up being the cheapest method of advertising that your do. There are several important factors in turning traffic (visitors to your site) into customers. Some of these relate to your website (design and content etc) and other rely on you and your staff (customer service skills). I can help you both with generating more traffic to your website and turning potential customers into paying customers through some advice and knowledge that I have obtained.

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Measuring Results
Real Life Local SEO Lessons

Whilst SEO can be a mystery, the results of SEO do not need to be. The results of SEO can be measured by various tools until such time as the amount of phone calls and emails that you receive are telling you how effective SEO has been for your business. I will provide you with monthly reports detailing your website traffic and the ranking of your keywords.

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Content Writing
content writing

A great deal of the success of your website is reliant on the content written for your website. This is not only important for SEO but also for your customers. Good content writing for a website needs to be aimed firstly at your customers and secondly ensuring that you accord with the SEO requirements for each page or blog. Content writing for a website is thus extremely important.

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Social Media
seo tasks

I use social media as an SEO tool to help increase your website rankings. Social media allows Google to see that you are a credible business and also provides valuable links to your website and to your blogs. Generally the social media that I focus on includes Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

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Internal Link Building
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Internal link building is a valuable tool in SEO to provide ‘juice’ from one page to another. Link building is also important for website visitors such that they can find the information that they want and turn into customers. Menus and links on keywords are both forms of internal linking.

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Google Adwords
content writing

Google AdWords can be very expensive or very cost-effective, it depends upon how many other people in your industry have been and are using Google AdWords. Many businesses try Google AdWords before they seek the services of an SEO Consultant as the expenditure on Google AdWords can become too much. It is debated in SEO circles as to whether or not Google AdWords help a website to rank organically or not. My belief is that it does.

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free seo video

Having YouTube videos on your website and linking to your website does assist it to rank in SERPS. YouTube videos can be, but do not have to be expensive. Whiteboard videos for example are not costly at all. Ideally all websites should have at least one YouTube video on the website and a link to the website from an external YouTube video.

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All SEO Tasks and Techniques
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If you would like to see a more detailed list of SEO tasks that I would most likely undertake for you then please visit this page SEO Tasks and Techniques. Which of the tasks and techniques I employ will depend upon the industry you are in and the type of customers you wish to attract.

I (Karen) am always available to take your calls (0411 403 511) to have a general or detailed discussion regarding your interest in SEO and how I may be able to help you in this regard.

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