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All businesses large and small need to rank in Google in order to compete and grow (or in some cases purely to survive).  Print and other traditional methods of advertising are declining in effectiveness all the time.

More SEO Work Done Upfront and Paid For Over Time

Almost all SEO businesses do a set and a consistent number of hours work on your website each month.  This method works, however, it does mean that from the start the ranking growth will be relatively slow and gradual.

I prefer to work a bit differently.  There are many tasks and techniques that can be done immediately to get your new website well and truly on the way.  I prefer to do all of this work within the first two to three months and thus ask for a commitment of a certain number of months to cover the upfront cost that I will be bearing.  I have found that by doing this a website usually experiences a good jump in rankings right at the beginning and then the slower and consistent ranking growth starts from this higher base.  This is not to say that your website will after just two months be on the first page of Google, more likely on about the fourth page or thereabouts.  And the movement then from this initial jump is also then more often than not a slow consistent growth, albeit from a higher position.

For new redeveloped websites there is also a great deal of work that needs to be done upfront to shield and protect your website’s rankings and traffic as you move to a new website.  There is always the potential for a decline in rankings with moving to a new redeveloped website, even if the SEO work is done correctly upfront before the new launch and immediately after the launch.  However, with the SEO work that I do, your website has the best chance of retaining rankings and traffic.  Again, this work done upfront is covered by the first two to three months SEO payments.

A Word of Warning

The rate of growth of rankings is dependent upon the amount of good SEO that your competitors have invested in (and the number of your competitors that have invested in good SEO) – that is the strength of their websites and the number of strong competing websites – and then dependent upon the amount of good SEO that you invest in.

SEO does take time.  The main reason that SEO takes time is that Google requires time to ‘recognise’ and continually ‘approve’ of’ your website and the work that is done consistently on your website.   This is a process over many, many months, particularly if it is a new domain name.

Details of SEO tasks that I would do.

What to Expect

The quickest optimal ranking for major keywords (in the first three positions on Page 1 of Google) I achieved for a website was six weeks but this is definitely not the norm.  You can expect 8 months and even up to 2 years before this prized position is achieved.  However, you will obtain over this time a continual growth of business leads as traffic is obtained through achieving these rankings for lower volume keywords.

In really competitive markets some websites can move through the ranks at a reasonable rate and then languish on a certain page with little to no movement – for even up to a year once this non-moving position has been achieved.  This can be very frustrating for both the business owners and your SEO Consultant.  However, with continued SEO work, these websites in highly competitive markets do then suddenly jump and the goal of the 1st page of Google is finally achievable.

SEO requires patience, trust, time and unfortunately money.  Once ranking in the first three or four positions of Google your website will then pay back over and over the investment that has been made.

Affordable SEO Packages Brisbane with Through The Ranks

I also work on the basis of trust with my clients, you know I will be working more hours than I will be paid for in the first few months, I trust that you will stay with me for an agreed commitment period so that I am not severely out-of-pocket for the time I invest upfront in your business.  Obviously, if you are dissatisfied in any way, I would greatly appreciate that you inform me of your concerns and we can discuss this together and come to some resolution.

My Promise to you and Your Promise to Me

I promise I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that your website rises through the ranks of Google.

In order for me to do my job properly, I need a commitment from you too:-

  • If you wish to peruse the content that I am going to add to your website you do need to do so in a very prompt manner, respond within one to a maximum of three days with suggested amendments or additions.
  • Trust me, I know it is a tough call to trust your website to a stranger but I always backup so that should give you some peace of mind. I can also provide you with references from past and existing clients who will attest to my expertise and dedication.
  • Do not expect me to go out of my area of expertise. If you have web development problems etc I can provide you with contacts that can solve these problems for you. I am not a Webmaster or a Web Developer and if I discover that there are problems on your website which affect the effectiveness of SEO for your website and require the skills of such professionals I will recommend to you who to contact or contact them on your behalf if you prefer.

Business Ethics

I do not work on more than one business within the same industry and the same geographical market at any one time due to a conflict of interest.  So unfortunately if I am already engaged by a business in the same or similar industry to you, located in close proximity to your business I will not be in a position to help you until the possible termination of SEO services for that client.

Affordable SEO Packages Brisbane with Through The Ranks

If you would like to talk to me about your business needs and the SEO package that I believe is required for your business, please call me (Karen on 0411 403 511) any time during normal business hours.

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