What is Ethical SEO and Why is it Important?

Ethical SEO involves following Google Guidelines and Rules to ensure that your website ranks in the Google Organic Search Results – and stays there…

Ethical SEO is known in the industry as White Hat SEO.  Black Hat SEO is what you want to avoid at all costs.

Unethical SEO

There are unfortunately unethical SEO businesses that promise to get your website ranking on the first page of Google.  However they often do not specify how they are going to achieve this result.

Employing Black Hat (unethical SEO) can get your website to rank highly, however it will not stay there and could be penalised by Google so that it disappears from the listings altogether.

This means you will have lost your source of revenue – and you will need to pay large sums to an ethical SEO company to undo the damage done by Black Hat SEO – or sometimes even have to develop a new website with a new domain name and start from the beginning again…

White Hat Ethical SEO

White Hat ethical SEO works; I closely follow Google Webmaster Guidelines and rules and keep up-to-date on any changes that are required.

Ethical SEO is being done when the site is created and optimised for the visitors and users of the the site rather than created and optimised for search engines.

New unique content that is relevant to the goods or services provided is part of successful ethical SEO.  Listing of the business on relevant business and other directories is also another effective white hat ethical SEO feature.  All links coming to your site need to be from quality websites – it’s not the number of links that is so important, but rather the quality of the links that you have.

Examples of Black Hat SEO that you need to avoid

Artificial Link Building/Link Farming

Do no be tempted to buy a large number of links to your site, they will most likely be completely irrelevant to your business and you may have a short-term gain in the Google organic results, your site will be penalised for this and your ranking could fall quite dramatically.

Keyword Stuffing

This is the overuse of keywords within the content of your website.  This tactic is employed in order to get the site ranking highly within the Google organic results.  However keyword stuffing is considered to be a black hat SEO technique and once detected by Google your website will be penalised.

Article Spinning

Duplicate information on the web is a definite “no, no” as far as Google is concerned.  Article spinning is an attempt to avoid the problem of duplicate information yet still provide the same content over and over again.  This is done by simply changing words within sentences, changing the order of words within a sentence and so on.

Inappropriate Commenting

A black hat technique of commenting on blog sites with high PR’s but of no relevance to the website in question is considered a violation of Google rules and guidelines.

ethical seoThrough The Ranks

All the SEO that I do is 100% ethical.  Not only that, but it is also effective and affordable.  As a specialised SEO Consultant in small to medium business SEO I understand that businesses (especially at start up) may not have endless budgets for advertising, yet at the same time are in great need of additional business leads and sales.  Furthermore as I don’t have the overheads that larger SEO Companies do, I can afford to charge a lower rate which is affordable for growing businesses.

Give me a call (Karen on 0411 403 511) and we can discuss how I can best help your business rise through the ranks through ethical SEO techniques and practices.