How to Choose a Good SEO Company

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Guide to Helping you Choose a Good SEO Company…

It is very easy to believe promises made by SEO businesses that guarantee you quick and cheap SEO results.  However the pitfalls involved could mean that your website is banned by Google and you lose both the revenue generated by your organic listing as well as having to spend a lot more additional funds on undoing the damage done to your website through unethical SEO and even possibly having to start from the beginning with a new domain name and new website.

It is very important that you don’t choose an SEO company based simply on price and guaranteed results.  It is actually not possible to guarantee results as even with ethical SEO the length of time it takes for your website to rank organically is dependent on my factors, most particularly the competition within your industry.

But back to the question – How to Choose a Good SEO Company…

Be immediately alert if the SEO business guarantees you results for a low investment. Question as to how they plan to achieve the results. Read our blog on Black Hat SEO Techniques so that you are fully aware of the type of SEO work that you don’t want done.

Ask if you can call one of their past clients to discuss how successful or not the SEO business was in helping this client (or two) to get their website ranking and to increase the revenue generated for their business.

Check for yourself whether the case study successes that they are advertising on their website are actually a success. Just do an appropriate Google Search, if it is a plumber in Brisbane for example, type “Plumber Brisbane” into the Google search bar and see if the business comes up on the first page of the organic results.

Peruse the SEO business website, check for information that show that they are using ethical seo techniques.

Contact the SEO business and request a free video SEO analysis of your website, this should help you by letting you know that they are a reputable business and are informed about White Hat Seo.

Ask what the SEO business intends to do for your website in order to get results.  Most SEO businesses offer a different range of SEO Plans to choose from (we do too), ask what will be done for your website based on the different plans offered – and how many hours will be spent on working for your website ranking for the amount of money that is suggested.

Query what reporting they will provide to you – particularly if they will include information on the movement of your website on a monthly basis. If this is not part of their package we strongly recommend that you don’t engage their services.

Through The Ranks

I trust the information provided above helps you in choosing a good SEO company – although a really easy way to choose a good SEO business is to simply give me (Karen) a call 3397 1215 and you can then engage my affordable and effective SEO services!

how to choose a good seo company